swamp sparrow at Atascadero Creek

Kathleen L. Whitney <kwhit@...>

This morning we banded a HY Swamp Sparrow at Atascadero Creek. For those
of you who are familiar with the site we caught it in net 10 on the berm at
about 0840. For those of you who haven't been banding with us (yet!) the
site is on Patterson, south of the Patterson ag fields and just east of the
horse facility on the Overeem mitigation site. You can enter the site just
past the fence of the horse facility through a pipe gate (there is parking
just past the gate) and follow the dirt road east about 1/4 mile just past
the first basin. The sparrow was lurking about in the mustard, baccharis
and willows west of the berm that separates the westernmost 2 basins. Good
Luck!! Kathleen

Robert A. Hamilton <robbham@...>

Hey Kathleen,

Congrats on the Swampie! Hope all's well...