SY Valley Briding

Florence Sanchez

Today I went over to the valley to see if I could turn up the Brewer's Sparrow found on Casey Road by Dave Compton and re-found by Mark Holmgren a few days later.  Unfortunately, I did not.  I walked the length of the road but in all, found few Sparrows of any species.    There was a large sparrow flock near the entrance to the Mora Ranch but it was spooked by something and flew well down into the meadow and out of view.  There were a few Lark Sparrows in the field across from said entrance.  2-3 Phainopeplas were nice to see on Casey Road and it's an easy area to bird.

I then went to Edison Road and parked opposite the Gallun Ranch where Dave had a Red-naped Sapsucker on count day.  There is a long row of Pepper trees on either side of the entrance gate and I started on the half to the left of the drive.   Lots of Sapsucker activity was evident in several of the trees, one spot looking very recent, but I reached the end of that section without turning up a Sapsucker.  Walking back, I heard a single but unmistakable Sapsucker call but still could not turn up the bird.  I finally started on the section to the right of the entrance and about the fourth tree, got a short but good look at a Red-naped Sapsucker before it flew off up the row.  I could not relocate it.

I finished the morning by driving over to Happy Canyon where I found a light-phase Ferruginous Hawk circling with some Turkey Vultures at the junction of Happy Canyon and Alisos Road.  A Northern Harrier also flew over the vineyard at this spot.

Florence Sanchez