Tepusquet Road and Colson Cyn Rd

John Deacon


I headed to Colson Canyon Road today to escape the fog.  On the way to Colson Canyon, I saw 54 Wild Turkeys in the open fields on the west side of the road.  I didn't bother to count adults vs poults, but in the last group of 12 birds I saw 8 poults and 4 adults.

Nothing really exciting at Colson Canyon.  Diversity was good (41 species), but I had to work for most of them.  There wasn't a lot of singing.  High point was a calling Northern Pygmy Owl.  The creeks are drying up so birds are starting to concentrate around spring areas.  If you have been interested in Colson Canyon but have been scared away by my description of the road, it is in the best shape I ever seen it.  The USFS has really been working the road.  It's still kind of rocky but just about any vehicle can safely travel to the top now.

John Deacon

John Deacon