Tern flock

Florence Sanchez

I checked the Elegant Tern flock on East Beach some time after 10 this morning.  They were all there (at least 500 of them)--none on the Sandspit.  Their preferred location was right next to the Mission Creek outfall but they were constantly up in the air and back down again, sometimes in different spots and often bunched together.  Some of their uprisings were due to the most inconsiderate people I've seen in a while, including a parent who encouraged their child to run through the flock so they could get a cell phone video of it with the birds in the air.  Some of the uprisings were for no apparent reason except that they are Terns and that's what terns do, I guess. No Peregrine to blame.

With the many ups and downs, sorting and resorting the flock, I feel I was able to comb through them pretty well over time, looking for any that were different.  I found at least one Royal Tern, maybe two with them but nothing else of note.  For the most part the Black Skimmers stayed separate--I counted 27 of them.

This sub-tropical air might send us something interesting along the beach or over the ocean for the next couple of days, so it's worth checking the beaches, bays, and ocean while it lasts.

Florence Sanchez