Trip report from July Pelagic out of Ventura, Ca with Island Packers

Joel Barrett

Hi everyone,
I just published a blog post to detailing the findings of the July 12th Pelagic birding trip out of Ventura, Ca with Island Packers. The link is below. We have another trip coming up October 3rd, a link is at the end of the blog post for more details.

What a year huh? Understatement of the decade? Well perhaps this blog post will be something to take your mind off of the wider world if only for a few minutes. On July 12th, 2020 Island Packers ran a 12 hr dedicated Pelagic birding trip. I, Joel Barrett, was the captain of the motor vessel Island Explorer. We had six

Pelagic birding in and around the Channel Islands National Park and the Santa Barbara Channel. Information and trips.
Joel Barrett
Port Hueneme, Ca
Island Packers
Ventura, Ca

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