Virginia's Warbler

Hugh Ranson <zonetail@...>

This afternoon I went back to Monroe School (at 4:30, after the kids and most of the teachers had left) in the hope of finding the Pine Warbler and Red-naped Sapsucker. I saw neither, but on my way out, I came across a Virginia's Warbler in the north-west corner of the playing field. I'm not sure I've seen this species in anything but fennel before, but this one was having success finding bugs in the dead (or nearly-so) avocado trees that border the field. It also came down to the ground to feed. 

John Callender saw the bird later, but I'm not sure exactly where. The area is accessed from the Elings Park South car park (off Cliff Drive). Walk east and you'll find a gap in the fence at the school field.

A photo here:

Hugh Ranson 
Santa Barbara

John Callender

I found the bird just as it was starting to get dark, when it gave its characteristic sharp chip note from a pine tree up the hill to the north of the school playing field, near (34.4061614, -119.7325243). Some very poor photos are in my eBird list here:

John Callender