White-crowned sparrow

Cruz Phillips

I have a white crowned sparrow at my feeder this evening.  My first July record.   I am not sure if I am right, but I use a few field marks to guess on WC sparrows.  First, this one has light lores.  I have always just looked at two things: Pugetensis is yellow bill and back feathers with dark brown centers and tan edges.  Gambelli is orange bill and back feathers with dark reddish brown and light grey edges.  Using my system this is   a "pugetensis" .   But I am not sure I can separate it from the coastal one.   They are not in my system.  From what I have read Nuttall's has back feathers with dark brown and grey feather edges, and they have a short primary projection.  I think that rules out this bird.  I can send pics if someone wants to see them.  Otherwise I think I have a female pugetensis at my feeder.

Cruz Phillips
Las Cruzitas Ranch
Santa Ynez, CA