White-eyed Vireo and American Redstart

Mario Borunda

On Thursday around noon we found the White-eyed Vireo at Camino Corto Open Space.  It was near the Tierra de Fortuna Park at the west end of Fortuna Rd.  There is a gazebo in the park and the bird was moving between a large eucalyptus approx 75 yards due north of it to a group of oaks another 20 yards further north.  It had a loud and clear song that I recorded with the video on my phone (but I can’t figure out how to upload it onto eBird, any suggestions would be appreciated). 

Additionally, we had an unusual sighting at the entrance to the Open Space from Camino Corto Rd.  The small bird (4-5 inches) had yellow markings on the side, wing, and tail, very much like an American Redstart.  I saw it from about 20 yards flitting among the oaks for short time (1-2 minutes).  I did not list it on eBird since I did not get a picture, nor did I hear it vocalize, but it is worth keeping an eye out if you are in the area. This bird has been seen on Friday (May 29) by several birders and identified as an American Redstart.
Mario Borunda