Willow Flycatcher

Hugh Ranson

There was Willow Flycatcher in the south-east corner of Lake Los Carneros this afternoon. There were also two Soras nearby, and on the lake were two Blue-winged and two Cinnamon Teal.

For those with an interest in odonates, there was a male Twelve-spotted Skimmer at the lake. The first county record was of a male and female at the lake last year, and there was another there earlier this month. It's possible that this is a species that might colonize as the Red-tailed Pennant has appeared to have done (four males at the lake this afternoon).

Back to birds: this morning I heard what I'm reasonably confident was the chatter of a Baltimore Oriole at my West side home, but I didn't get a visual on the bird.

Hugh Ranson
Santa Barbara