Zone-tail and others


the parking lot at Stow Park (with 5 TVs,) then landed in a euc behind
the caretaker's house, on the street side. The best view was from
across La Patera.

Lake Los Carneros was very birdy, though we didn't see the Tropical
Kingbird. The lake had about 16 Ring-necked Ducks and several
Shovelers, along with the regulars. Had a Red-breasted Sapsucker in a
euc next to the caretaker's garage, behind the birch(?) tree that's now
changing to a brilliant gold. In the lerps, lots of YRs, Orange-crowns
and goldfinches, a couple of Townsend's; it was very difficult to make
out any color or detail against the grey sky.

Rebecca Coulter