NCOS/Devereux/Sands By Benjamin Byerly ·
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden April 13 By Florence Sanchez ·
Dunlin and Western Sandpipers at Cachuma Lake By Mark Holmgren ·
Pacific Golden-Plover at Coal Oil Point, April 12 By Aaron Kreisberg ·
Three sp. of Swift on Farren Road By Florence Sanchez ·
Devereux and UCSB April 11 By Florence Sanchez ·
Question about White-throated Sparrows 5 messages By Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker) ·
Sunday at Las Cruzitas By Cruz Phillips ·
Buellton Solitary Sandpipers 2 messages By Peter Schneekloth ·
White-winged Scoter off eastern GOLETA BEACH By Dave Compton ·
Lake Los Carneros, Devereux, and Alice Keck Park By Dika Golovatchoff ·
Lazuli Bunting at Farren Road By Adrian O'Loghlen ·
Red Knot at Campus Point By John Callender ·
North County Birding Saturday By Sophie Cameron ·
Campus Point PM By Thomas Turner ·
Farren Road today By Libby Patten ·
Scoters migration today By Thomas Turner ·
Correction: 2 Golden-Plovers at Devereux Beach By Mark Holmgren ·
Golden-Plover on Devereux Beach By Mark Holmgren ·
American Bittern at Cachuma By Mark Holmgren ·
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