SB Bird Refuge By Jim Hodgson ·
Solitary sandpiper and Virginia Rail at LLC By Tom Riederer ·
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron at Devereux Slough By Steve Hovey ·
Pectoral Sandpiper at Devereux Slough By Steve Hovey ·
Northern Harrier More Mesa By Betsy Mooney ·
Vermilion Flycatcher at Jalama mouth By Don Tate ·
Riviera Park pond 2 messages By Jeff Hanson ·
Fw: [CALBIRDS] 9/6-9/10 Searcher multi-day Pelagic By Jamie Chavez ·
Goleta birding Friday, 10 September By Dave Compton ·
Notes on the Bird Refuge 2 messages By Dave Compton ·
Birding in the fog By Florence Sanchez ·
Elegant Tern and other LLC birds. 2 messages By Noah Gaines ·
Lerpy eucs at Riviera Business Park 2 messages By Ron Hirst ·
Assortment By Rob Hofberg ·
SYRE Common Terns, etc. By Dave Compton ·
Jaegers By Linus Blomqvist ·
Boat trip on Cachuma Lake today By Mark Holmgren ·
Shorebirding By Florence Sanchez ·
Fall warblers By Don Blackwill ·
Early Yellow-rumped Warbler at Bella Vista Park this morning By John Callender ·
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