Goleta Beach and UCSB 7-20 By Florence Sanchez ·
Yellow-headed Blackbird at Goleta Beach By David Blue ·
Reddish Egret @ Goleta Slough 2 messages By Adrian O'Loghlen ·
Reddish Egret @ Goleta Slough By Adrian O'Loghlen ·
Reddish Egret continues at Ocean Beach County Park 2 messages By Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker) ·
Red-necked phalarope By Joan Lentz ( address) ·
Ruddy Turnstone photo By Florence Sanchez ·
Sands Beach and Coal Oil Point 7-19 By Florence Sanchez ·
Campus Point Ruddy Turnstone By Glenn Kincaid ·
Coal Oil By Bradley Hacker ·
Ocean Park Reddish Egret By Peter Schneekloth ·
Juvenile Bewick's Wren Trapped in a Spider's Web By David Blue ·
No Luck w/ Reddish Egret By Andrew McGrath ·
Bird Guide to SB County By Mark Holmgren ·
What to do with your excellent photos By Mark Holmgren ·
Reddish egret in the Carpinteria Salt Marsh 2 messages By John Callender ·
White-breasted Nuthatch - River Park, Lompoc 3 messages By Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker) ·
Where have the Lesser golfinches gone? From dozens that came to my niger feeders, I have maybe two at a time. Though I have observed that they are year-round birds, where have they gone? Phila Rogers By Phila Rogers ·
COP Friday By Robert Lindsay ·
shorebirds trickling in By Joan Lentz ( address) ·
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