Santa Maria Area Birds By John Deacon ·
Dusky FC By Barbara Millett ·
Dusky Flycatcher By Betsy Mooney ·
"Large-billed" Savannah Sparrow, Ocean Park By Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker) ·
SB CBC call for data and a quick recap 2 messages By Rebecca Coulter ·
Santa Barbara CBC rarities follow-up 2 messages By Dave Compton ·
Continuing Scott's Oriole By Nick Lethaby ·
La Cumbre Peak this SB CBC day By Wim van Dam ·
OK, I CAN'T KEEP QUIET! By Joan Lentz ( address) ·
Tonight's Zoomed Compilation Dinner for SBASCBC 2021 - Thank you. That was great. By Patrick McNulty ·
SB CBC Google sheet closing at 5:30 By Rebecca Coulter ·
Iceland Gull, Goleta Beach By Glenn Kincaid ·
SB CBC tomorrow--evening Zoom link By Rebecca Coulter ·
Goleta Birding By Florence Sanchez ·
Cassin's Finch continues By Jim Long ·
Scouting in Goleta for the SB CBC By Mark Holmgren ·
Hermit Warbler @ UCSB Student Health Center 2 messages By Adrian O'Loghlen ·
Northern Parula at David Love Place in Goleta By John Callender ·
Fortuna oriole, Sandpiper geese By Dave Compton ·
Swifts and phainopepla By Guy Tingos ·
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